Unification Family Life

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. What A Unification Church Member Is (Part 1)

1. The Background Of Members Joining The Unification Church

1) The Background of the Will

Think about it once. Think, what wind caused you to jump into the Unification Church? (157-90)

Think about when you joined this church. You did not just come by your will. I know that. There is a bloody history of tears here. (123-28)

2) We Were Called Here Carrying an Historically Extraordinary Mission.

When I look back on myself, who took charge of me? When we look back on our own personal, historical courses, we will realize that we ourselves didn't prepare anything substantially that made us worthy to be called for the providentially historical and extraordinary will of God. The more we feel this, the more we cannot deny that we were called and should believe that fact firmly without any doubt. And we should be grateful to God for calling us despite our inadequacies. Also, we must not forget the fact that a pitiable history of death was necessary to the process of God, so noble and high, coming and establishing a relationship with our humble selves.

Until we were called here, you should know 1) that Abel's blood cried out, 2) that Noah's 120 years of sorrow dwell there, 3) that history was suffused with the sorrow of Abraham who in order to serve God left his homeland and suffered as a wanderer, 4) that it was filled with the sorrow of Isaac who determined to be a sacrifice in front of God and to be obedient to Abraham, 5) Jacob's heart of longing for his homeland with a heart centered on wanting to restore the people of Israel during his 21 years in Haran dwelled there.

Furthermore, 6) there was the sorrow of the Israelites who suffered for 400 years in Egypt and on the way to the blessed land of Canaan many of the people became ill and died during the 40 years in the wilderness, 7) the second generation who remained went into the land of Canaan and centering on the concept of the new temple went through numerous indemnity conditions in order to receive the Messiah, and they were invaded by foreign peoples and experienced the sorrow of a people without a nation.

All that sorrow was there. And 8) you should realize that there remains the sorrow of Jesus who could not accomplish his mission even though he came to Israel which was a tributary state of Rome in order to meet the day of hope and he should have fulfilled his historical mission to subjugate Rome. And that is not all. 9) You must know that from after the time Jesus died until now, for two thousand years there was so much sorrow in the history which shed so much of the blood of our Christian forefathers.

You should know the limitlessly high God connected all these things to your lowly self. You must never forget the solemn fact that your connection comes on this foundation paid for with blood, through these conditions of historical sorrow, these requisites of sadness. We must keep this kind of heart and I must know that in choosing me, although I am inadequate to be chosen, God had a hidden will to bring to fruition through me the historical price.

We should know the fact that you and I with our pitiable histories are needed because God became pitiable and history became pitiable. Therefore, in the center of our minds and hearts, we must have an earnest enough heart to multiply all the strength we have, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand times, and to give all our loyalty and filial piety to God, and even if our life finishes to not die, You must clearly know that if you don't have that kind of mind, you are a traitor to the Will of God, a traitor to the hope of our historical ancestors, and a traitor to the mission of this age.

The more you realize through what process that noble high God had to come to set up a relationship with your humble low self, the more you should realize that even with dressing up properly, kneeling down, folding one's hands in prayer and bowing thousands and ten thousands of times to God, you are still inadequate. God called me because I am needed for the fight of goodness. Therefore I must not be a deserter who enters the fight of goodness and turns back. I should rather decide that I would rather die as one of the believers of Unification Church. This is the attitude we should have and we should realize with confidence that we must be in this situation.

One must make a determination which compensates for one's inadequacies but with doubled or tripled determination, and compare oneself with a person who has all the necessary requisites. As much as one feels his inadequacy he should double or triple his determination. We should realize that we are in this kind of situation as believers of Unification Church. (22-88)

3) The Fruit Born by the Achievements of Our Ancestors

You must realize that even though you don't know it, behind you there is a foundation of the achievements of your ancestors who came and went, and you don't know it but because among the many tribes your ancestors achieved more, their achievement accumulated over and over again, and you are the people born as the fruit of it. Because the people who are gathered and called this way are the people harvested as the fruit of the achievements of their ancestors, and are the tribe which God has gathered into one among so many tribes, the fortune of the nation gets ruled by how the people with such backgrounds move. (22-90)

Today the fact that you are related to the Unification Church is not centered on just a couple years or couple months of your life. This place is a historical place and a place of hope. It is the place with a historical relationship which could in reality be the starting point your life. Then if throughout your life you didn't see the history, and you weren't related to it, how could you become connected to this historical relationship? And also how could you have this historical relationship of connecting to the Unification Church? That is due to the level, whether is be large or small, to which you made an effort to match the direction of your mind to the same direction of mine as your ancestors and to match it with the direction of the flow of the age. That is to say, according to how much you tried to become close to it, you could connect that much more closely to the Unification Church

When seen from that viewpoint, today the situation you are involved in is not made by some individual named Mr. Kim. It is made through historical relationships. Today my being is wrong and is randomly put together, but among the historical relationships, many of our ancestors were loyal to the purpose of history and thereby made a foundation of merits which could unite with that purpose. It is due to the relationship of those merits you were chosen today. (21-105)

4) We Are the Presidents of Good Ancestors Corporations

What are you right now? Historical fruit. Aren't you? Fruit is fruit, but you are the fruits who are centered on historical tribes. Get it? You met me because you have good ancestors and because of those good ancestors' achievements. It's not because you wanted to meet me, nor because you are so great. No matter through whom you were born, that ancestor is related to part of the public history of Korea. Even in an evil nation there are more evil things and less evil things. Therefore regardless of how evil a nation may be, there is a less evil side. Heaven works in history centered on the less evil side.

Therefore, you met me because of a relationship in which you resemble your good ancestors' characters according to the law of heredity which follows your blood lineage relationship to your good ancestors' achievements in the public area centered on goodness. Don't think you met me because you're so great.

Not even one of your eyes belongs to you. If anyone looks at his own face, he will see he resembles his mother or father or grandfather. At least one part of him resembles them. If you analyze all this, the blood lineages of thousands of generations of ancestors are all mixed up. Any cell, everything is made like that. If your ancestors took away everything that was from them, you wouldn't have anything.

So you are the presidents of good ancestors corporations. Everyone has to obey the president's order. That is how it is. Then does that president have to be great, or not qualified? He has to be great. Then what sort of president is a great president? One who doesn't run counter to the historical tradition of the past, who stands in the front line of the present ages' activities, and who can be a model for his descendants is a good president. (46-152)

5) The Cooperation of Ancestors and Resurrection Through Second Coming

Then you, who are in such position, are you, as one who has been chosen into such a historical relationship, living in such a way that you can in your life show off properly the light of this historical relationship? (21-105)

Long ago at the time of Jesus, through Jesus' coming to the earth, in the same way that the spirits who had lived and died before then could go from the form spirit realm of the spirit world into the life spirit realm of the spirit world, through the condition of your being on the earth your ancestors have entered into a special realm of benefit by being able to come to the earth at this time. Do you understand what this means?

Because you are in the position to become a life spirit if you become a victorious branch of the lineage since you have come to know this will, your ancestors are cooperating with you. In this way you must become the base on which thousands of generations of ancestors can return. At Jesus' time, it was an age of cooperation from the spirit world in order to be resurrected to the life spirit stage conditionally, but now the spirit world unconditionally cooperates for resurrection to the divine spirit stage.

There is no greater blessing than the fact that this kind of age has come. Do you understand what this means? In other words, the spirit world is cooperating. Therefore from now on the work of finding the tribe will go faster. Because we have a historical relationship, because we have the condition for cooperation, it will go faster. If on earth we do work which can bring about returning resurrection, what a holy thing it is. If in your ancestry you have patriots or an exceptionally virtuous woman, or a filial son, and if you call them in prayer, they are to come. Because now your ancestors must cooperate with you. It is like that now. They are upside down now. (14-22)

2. The Proper Attitude To Joining The Church

1) The Purpose for joining die Unification Church

Everyone, when you joined the Unification Church, did you join because it was good, or did you join because it was bad? [We joined because it was good.] You joined because it was good? [Yes.] Did this place prepare rice cake and then ask you to join? What was offered when asking you to join? What was offered when you were asked to join? Not rice cake. You were not asked to join to guarantee your success in your career.

When you were asked to join you were offered God's public pledge. You were offered God's public pledge. Why did you join the Unification Church? You joined for God's public pledge. What is that superior pledge? It is not money or knowledge. It is love, the love which can govern money, the love which can govern power, the love which can govern knowledge. What is the pledge that God, the world of angels, God's creation, and also humankind, without any exception, would like? What is that? It's a pledge about the universe. (83-190)

What is the purpose for which you came here? You did not come in order to solve some environmental problem. You came here to clarify the fundamental problem of humankind, to stand in front of the Absolute Being and to be recognized and confirmed by the Absolute Being. (11-224)

Everyone, what is the purpose for joining the Unification Church? Was it to learn the principle of indemnity? [Yes] It was to learn the principle of indemnity, right? [Yes] It's nothing else. The principle of indemnity can't be unknown to be sons and daughters of God. You joined to learn the principle of indemnity. I am the teacher who teaches the principle of indemnity, aren't I? [Yes] I have the responsibility to teach you and to make you practice it.

So you who practice it will suffer. It's simple. Suffering is something to be thankful about and it's a good thing, right? [Yes] So, when you were suffering with starvation, did you laugh like this, "Ha ha ha"? Did you appreciate it? I imagine you didn't appreciate it and didn't like it. You will appreciate it in the future. (153-151)

2) Things that Happen After joining the Church

When you first joined the Unification Church, maybe you felt like your body was going to float in the air. You have experienced it, right? You just felt good. You felt good without any reason. Do you know why that is? It's because the foundation for your body and mind to have give and take had been established.

According to our principle, when subject and object become one, then God who is a larger subject has give and take with their unity as a partner. Then because of the action of that kind of high-level power, one can feel a strong sensation such as one never felt before. A feeling of happiness comes from the power of strong action which is ideal power. It's not just vague. It's all by the principle. By the principle. (27-226)

When you first listen to the lectures after joining the Unification Church you feet like you're floating and walking on air. You don't even know your legs are touching the ground. Your heart feels so happy that you don't have to cat; you still feel good even if you get cursed, and you still feel happy even if a bump forms on your seat. (172-161)

Everyone, when you first came into the Unification Church you were so happy you kept grinning, didn't you? Did you come in crying with sadness? However you joined, you joined but you could feel your heart swelling up and beating and even when walking in the street you would smile like someone feeling a cool breeze pass by. So people would say it was strange. By watching carefully, it could be seen there was something excellent here. It's okay even if the church building is a board shack or some kind of a cave. They are all to come if I'm here. (24-72)

Have you experienced that kind of thing? Haven't you? When you were joining the Unification Church, you were overwhelmed by hope, right? But looking at yourself standing in the middle of, if you call it fate, fate, and, if you call it relationship, relationship, at a point which is barely touchable by a pincer in the middle of the flow of history, you might doubt whether it is false. I was the same. But you cannot help but recognize it even though you try not to because heaven gave the living evidence which cannot be denied even though you try to. You don't just feel happy or feel appreciation without any reason. (17-33)

We started with happiness when we Unification Church members joined the church and faced the will for the first time. You would have felt everything in the world was made centering on you. You would have felt that the more blessing you received, the more everything resurrected centering on you, and everything formed relationships centering on you.

Therefore you might have experienced the feeling that when you are happy then the creation is happy, when you are sad then the creation feels sad together. At a time like that, the world doesn't look evil even if it really is; the world doesn't look sad even if it really is. One lives a life of pledging to fulfill tomorrow's responsibility and tomorrow's hope believing that happiness can take over the sad world. I believe you have experienced those things. (34-129)

You have to restore the heart you felt through the will. Don't you think so, too? Even students who go to school want to stop at the church before they go home once they join the Unification Church. You would have all experienced it. Why is that? You caught a disease. You have been sucked into the realm of fortune of thousands of years, the first time one could finally greet the springtime in six thousand years. It's not the fortune of a couple of years. It's the fortune of thousands of years. You became that way because you gathered at the one time you could ride the fortune of thousands of years. That heart is extremely precious. When you trample on that you are trampling on history and trampling moral laws. (51-263)

So, do you want to come to the Unification Church? After you hear sermons of the Unification Church, your feet, which were going towards home, automatically come to the Unification Church. You know going back home after school is a duty, an obligation, and a responsibility, but if you just hear sermons of the Unification Church your feet, which were going toward home, automatically come to the Unification Church.

If you look at the building it's dilapidated, and it's deep in the valleys of the mountains, but if you go there you think, "I want to eat and live here and not go. I like being here." Then the Unification Church is real. If you want to be here, then what's next? You should want to live. You should have a mind to live as brothers, by uniting with each other with God's eternal love. If that doesn't get accomplished the ideal world won't come. (63-62)

If you believe in the Unification Church it's like that. If you believe in the Unification Church you think you will receive many blessings, but actually things get twisted. Thinking carefully about it, it seems that things will work out well, but rather they get twisted. Why is that? Because that is love. Therefore it has to get twisted. If you believe and attend the Unification Church, and you are greedy for say a level of ten of something, and you get as many as a hundred, and again you want a hundred then you will walk a twisted road forever. If you are greedy for ten then you should pluck out ten things. By plucking out those things, by attacking that external greed ten times, you are promised the inevitable consequence that you will become intimate with internal God, you will receive blessings from God.

Worldly people don't bring you what we call "blessings"; worldly people bring what you say you hate. In that way, you should not accept living in a relationship with an environment where worldly people can laugh and like it; rather you have to break off from those things. If you don't break off from them, then they will bite at you. They will all bite at you so that you don't break off with them. That's why a contradiction appears. If this kind of thing doesn't happen, then we can assume the conclusion that the religion is not a religion seeking a true path. You should know that God and we are heading different directions. It's not just that. God stands in front of us and He fights with Satan who ruined and made a failure of God's providence and also blocked our road of life for six thousand years. (51-32)

3) Attitude To Have After Joining The Church

If you were called and started on the road of the will through Reverend Moon, then you have to know, as a person who is called, for what you are called, where you are going, and if you decided to go like this, then what portion of the way you have gone. If a person has once determined something, he has to make his decisions centering on that determination. "Yes" or "no," you have to answer it.

It's also the same for me. I promised in front of heaven. . . "I will certainly go this kind of way, so even if my friend betrays me, even if my parents betray me, or even if my wife and children betray me, I will go. If my people betray me, and if the Unification Church itself which I belong to betrays me, I'll go even sweeping it away." I have been going like this from the day I was called. I'm also going that way now. I'll be going tomorrow, too. It's better to go the way quickly. The slower you go the worse it is. There are tens of millions of lives on a train to hell and they are all falling into hell. (99-223)

Today, you, the people who joined the Unification Church, are learning the principle. You are learning the principle centered on Adam's family; you are learning the principle centered on Noah's family; you are learning the principle of the time period of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, and you are learning the principle of God who has been carrying out the providence behind the scenes through history until now.

But you are beings who just follow. Therefore you have to walk the way without a break following the principle.

Through it, you should think "I'll establish and save Adam's family, I'll save Noah's family, I'll save Abraham's family: I'll even teach them, not just save them." Since you have been called and have the whole responsibility to take care of the world mission in this black world, you should stand in a position which allows you to point out the things that were wrong to Moses when he was leading the people of Israel. (12-196)

If you pledge something after joining the Church, by what standard are you going to do it? If your pledge in front of the will was done with a true heart, then since it endured a long time, it would have grown a lot internally even if it didn't show so much externally. In Abraham's time Abraham didn't know, but saints in the spirit world and world of angels were cooperating with him. If there is a person who pledges himself and is loyal to God, then even though he is living in this era, he doesn't end as a person of this era: he will be an historical person. Also, the work that he is doing is historical work. In the words, "It is historical," everything is included. (12-107)

4) Things to be careful of after joining the Church

Today you are going on the road of faith and your know the noun called "religion". . . If you joined the church then are you qualified to accept the good things of the Unification Church. Are you qualified to manage those things? One who cannot manage it, cannot have a relationship with the good world. Can you be responsible? One who can't be responsible can't make a relationship with the good world, either. Do you get it? [Yes] Therefore humankind must be responsible and manage the responsibility. After that, when its good and someone likes it, that will bring about the consequence of goodness. We should know that. (151-208)

One doesn't become a person who can be called by God, that is, one who can carry out God's responsibility, in a day or two. That kind of person should be a person who can remain with God's heart even while suffering starvation and shedding blood, but this can't be done in a day or two. It takes more than three or four years of time. (17-12)

These days people who joined recently are trying to smell out something like a hunting dog. And though they're smelling things, they're not trying to smell normally; they're walking around like mongrels with their mouths dragging and they're only trying to smell dung. If people have joined the Unification Church, then they should try to solve the problems centering on me. What are they going to accomplish by mixing with good-for-nothings. It is useless to hang around with those good-for-nothings.

I am saying this because the time to establish a new attitude is coming. Therefore you have to have a new attitude as a believer, as a believer of the Unification Church. The most important thing here is to have a firm faith about the center. Before you have that belief, no matter how much you make determinations, it is of no use. What will happen to me when I run into some incident while going on this way? Try asking and answering this to yourself. (27-114)

You who are calling yourselves believers of the Unification Church, if you have determined to fight with style for heaven with brave spirits, then you must not trade that with anything at all. You should be able to say "No," even when someone says he will give something any human would like; "No," even when someone says he will let you rule any kind of realm: "No," even if they threaten to kill you.

Only when someone does God's will should you say, "Yes;" Humankind are fallen people who must break through the stronghold of Satan. If it doesn't end at one, then go up to ten; if it doesn't end at ten, then go up to a thousand. But humankind don't know this. Thank you for joining the Unification Church. But you must throw away your personal desire and ambition from that day on. You should start this task after burying the desire and ambition you have. It's that way when seen by the providence. Jesus did that, the many prophets called out to heaven with their jaws set even as their blood was being shed by their enemies spears. You must take deep into your hearts the determination of those who said, "Father! Release your sorrow!" (8-60)

Don't be disappointed that you joined the Unification Church. If you joined here, all the laws and order of love established by all the logical conclusions that Reverend Moon talked about are here. Then it is true that it is certain that you must go this way forever and settle here forever! [Amen.] That kind of person is a true person. Then you understand the true appearance? [Yes.] Now you must go forward and not forget. (139-227)

Section 1. What A Unification Church Member Is (Part 2)

3. What Is A "Family Member"?

1) What a "family member" is in the Unification Church

We Unification Church members call each other "family members," right? What does the word "family member" mean? If you translate the Chinese characters then it means "the mouths that eat meals." So a family member is a brother you eat meals with, it's a family member you eat meals with. (14-164)

What do we call our church members when the Unification Church members gather? We call them family members. Don't we call them that? [Yes] What is a family member, a family member? It's not just a mouth that eats meals. Then what is a "family member"? You have to have a brotherhood relationship, you have to be born clinging to the same heart of your parents. Only by that you can be a family member. (155-211)

Today our Unification Church uses the name "family member." But you also call the members in your families at home "family member." Then what are we centered on that makes us call each other "family member"? We are calling "family member" centering on the love of God, on God's precious relationship and connection of wanting to love the human race, and centering on the ideal of the creation that God was seeking from the start. (25-287)

We are the family members of the Unification Church, as you know well. If we talk about family members, of course everyone has different assigned positions, but regardless of the environment or the situation one can't avoid going on a united course of life as the others in terms of life style and feelings. If there are a father, a son, and a daughter, then they do different tasks but their field of emotional life is the same. We know that one can be in the position of a child to his parents only if one can feel sad when the father feels sad even though the children's situation is different than his. In this viewpoint, we, the Unification Church members, say, "We are family members," but the original way the family members have to go, of course that way will unite with the purpose of going the way of the will. It is important to unite like that, but the emotional life should not be different.

Especially family members have to unite when the family is in a position where there can be difficulties. If the parents are sad, then the children and the family members living together will also be sad. If you want to solve that sadness, then you must take the position that you don't value anything more than that, not even the position you are assigned to or the work you are doing is more important. If you consider them more important, you can't say you are united with your parents. And from that point we cannot help but consider that your emotional life is separated from theirs.

But if no matter how much your external environment changes, you cast that all aside, and even if those things disappear, if you stand in the position where you can feel together with your parents the pain of their bodies and their minds because of the sorrow that they are going through by uniting your mind and will with theirs, then even if the family possesses nothing, has nothing to do, and has nothing to brag about, in reality a new thing to brag about is starting there. You can go a totally different way from this point. You must know that when you determine and start from there, a new way appears such that you can go over even the point of death appears.

We commonly call each other family members. Then if you look at it centering on family members, it's goes without saying that this is true for parents' sorrow, but it's also true for children's sorrow; the children's sorrow is not only their sorrow. The children's sorrow directly connects with the parents' sorrow. It doesn't matter if there are lots of kids and lots of other members. The whole family becomes involved if one person in the large family is struck with sorrow. They become harmonized there. Centering on sorrow they become one, not two.

We come to know that being united is something to brag about; it's the power of the family; it's the origin of the life of the family. If you think of one family member's sorrow as his own sorrow, if there are ten members and all ten of them think that way, then those ten members can't unite. Even if those ten members want peace or happiness or rest, there can't be any rest among them. If some person wants to rest peacefully, even if he finds his own peaceful rest, that can't be the foundation for the whole to rest peacefully. If there are ten places to find peace for each of the ten persons, that becomes the foundation for uneasiness and the basis for trouble or unhappiness between them. We know this through our lives and through the stories of our members about the situations of those around them. Viewing it from the position of being a family member and thinking about it centering on this content, we can see that we are different from worldly family members.

Worldly family members, those family members can be considered happy if they found the way of happiness in which they live together for their whole lives and help each other and comfort each other, unite in heart by that. In life they might be a family member or a family which brags much more than other family members or families. But the concept of family member which we talk about is different. We don't say family member centering on the world; we say it centering on the Heaven. We say it centering the parents of heaven. They are not the parents who rule one time period. They are the parents who govern history and rule history, and rule this era. Also they must rule the time after this, which is the future.

As we, who are attending the parents of heaven, think again, we must know that the parents of heaven are facing the fallen human race. We know we ourselves are not liberated from the realm of the fall. (60-14)

2) The Background of Deciding the Phrase "Family Member"

Today we use the phrase "family member" in the Unification Church. Don't we? What is this phrase "family member" centered on? It is centered on Jesus. Then was there a family member centering on Jesus? Is a mother a family member? Is a mother who didn't stand on the same road with Jesus a family member or not? Would she go together anyway, or go separate ways? [Go separate ways] What if the father is in that situation, would he go together, or go separate ways? [Go separate ways] Brothers, father, tribe, nation, and church will all go separate ways.

In spite of being the family which should be willing to die with Jesus, to go on the same road with him, was there a family member like that in the family that Jesus grew up in? A family has a father and a mother, a wife and a husband, and children. In the words of the Unification Church, this is "the four position foundation." That is Jesus' family. Then was there a family member whom Jesus could love? Did Jesus love his mother? No, he couldn't. Did he love his father? His father was a stepfather. Did he love his brothers? No, he couldn't love his brothers. Then who did he love? Although He came as the author, as the main character of love, when he tried to love his father and his mother more than anyone else, he couldn't.

Because the original Adam and Eve could not be educated about love by God, Jesus tried to teach about that love to his father and mother saying, "You have to love like this." But his mother and father didn't listen to the words of Jesus. In teaching love, it had to be done from a position of having passed through the ancient laws of Judaism to the fulfillment of the ideal of the temple. Because Jesus came as the main character of love as the representative of God, the father, the husband, and the brother, Mary's whole family should have attended Jesus as a representative of God. Jesus should have called Joseph like he would have a child, "Hey, Joseph!" It should have been like that. Joseph was not a father to Jesus.

Also to Mary, he should have spoken to her like to a child, "Mary!" It should have been like that. They were supposed to be educated. They were suppose to be educated? By the standard of the human heart, they were in a parent and child relationship, but by the standard of the heavenly heart, since Jesus was the subject, his brothers and his parents, everyone, had to be educated by Jesus according to the duty of love. He should have educated them saying his father and mother should live this way, his brothers should live this way, and among my siblings my object should be this and this kind of woman.

But did Jesus educate them like that? Is there a word about that in the Bible? Leaving out the whole leaves and taking just the sprouts, they are clamoring to go heaven. They are playing a strange game. When did Jesus love his father? Was there a father that Jesus wanted to love, a mother that Jesus wanted to love, bothers or neighbors that Jesus wanted to love? No there weren't. That's Jesus' sorrow. Also were there people, or a church, or a nation, or a tribe, or a family, or an object that Jesus could love? Were there? He couldn't escape from dying because the nation rejected him, his people rejected him, the church rejected him, the tribe rejected him, his relatives rejected him, his parents rejected him, and his brothers rejected him. He died when he had lost everything and was totally frustrated, but he died for "me"? He died because he wanted to? There are a lot of these false groups in the world. They killed him but they say he died for them. . . They are all insane. So our Unification Church has to fulfill the relationship of the family member. (51-187)

You call a person who joined the church a family member; how precious that is. I have said it before, but what kind of person is a family member? The phrase "family member" is centering on whom? It is not centering on yourselves. It's centering on Jesus who was beloved by God, the only value in the whole world that can't be traded even with the whole cosmos, the only son who came as a actual body with infinite treasure. It was impossible for God not to love him. If God's love was to appear, then it could appear through him, if God's way of triumph was to appear then it was through him, and if the standard of the origin of heaven and earth was to appear, it could be only through him. He is such an Absolute Being that nothing of God could appear without going through him.

We can only call someone a "family member" centering on him. "Family member" is not a phrase centering on the believers of the Unification Church. We say "family member" centering on the kind of relationship of value, and the personality like Jesus. If you look at it centering on Jesus, the older people are Jesus' parents, the people in the same age range are elder and younger brothers. We call it centering on Jesus who is the only value, who is in the position of infinite treasure. (17-19)

What is the "family member" that we talk about in the Unification Church? It's a phrase we call people who are standing in the position of true children who inherited the will of Jesus; it's a brother; it's a family. Then with our family members, with our brothers, how should we go the way? Jesus, in his life growing up since being born. . . Of course Jesus had brothers. He had brothers and parents, but he didn't think of them as the parents that heaven truly wanted, or the brothers that heaven truly wanted. He was thinking of the ideal parents and the ideal brothers, but in that time period, when Jesus looked at them centered on himself, when he asked whether they were brothers that he could love, and parents that he could love, they weren't. (156-42)

Today, why do we use the noun phrase "family member," and where did it start from? Especially young people should know this precisely. Jesus had a younger brother but he couldn't love him; he had parents but he couldn't love them; he had relatives, but he couldn't love them. We have to relieve his sorrow that there were churches, and his nation, and his people, but he couldn't love any of them. (22-295)

3) Who Could be a True Family Member

Today, you use the phrase family member but that is really a fearful phrase. If you do wrong in your course of belief, then you become an enemy who is blocking the position of Jesus who was testifying about the will of God. You become an enemy who blocks the position of Jesus who was fighting against Satan, and you become an enemy who blocks the will that was trying to restore the human race by going to the cross. Then what kind of person is Jesus' family member? He will be a person who resembles Jesus who was willing to give the word to everyone; he will be a person who can feel all of Jesus' heart which includes worrying, caring, and sighing when he was working so hard fighting against Satan.

Therefore, you must know that when Jesus was going the way of the cross, a person who just followed was not his family member, but a person who could understand Jesus heart until he went the way of the cross is the family member of Jesus. Also you must know that the biggest sorrow of Jesus in his thirty-some years of life on the earth was not having a true family member who testified for him, a family member who could fight against Satan with him, a true family member who could go along with him when he was carrying the cross to Golgotha, and a true family about whom he could brag to the heavens and the earth. Then what do you have to do these days? You must testify about God's will with full devotion just as Jesus was sorrowfully seeking to testify about God's will two thousand years ago. You must become the people who will realize God's will in place of Jesus.

You should have Jesus' heart of concern to accomplish the will of heaven, and know his heart as he fought with Satan and his tragic heart and decision when facing the opposition of the people of Israel and the Jewish religious leaders. Beyond that, you must be a person who can feel his tragic heart which even determined to sacrifice his life to destroy all the elements which blocked the way to accomplishing the will of heaven.

You must also be a person who has the mind to be a sacrificial offering for your people by carrying the cross on your back. You must also be a person who can be a living sacrificial offering for the Israelite people, who can harmonize with Jesus' heart who was here two thousand years ago, and who can have the personality of Jesus. You must not be a dead sacrificial offering which yields in front of Satan. You must not give up testifying about God's will, and penetrating deep into Jesus' heart; you must not be defeated fighting against Satan.

Therefore, you can be a true family member only by being a person who at the very brink of death still has strong determination and the heart to lead the enemy to the bosom of God's love. Then, who caused Jesus' heart such sorrow while he was going the way as a representative of God's immense will? People who were the closest to Jesus caused his sorrow. His sorrow wasn't from the rejection of the Israelite people who had been prepared; his sorrow wasn't from the rejection of the believers of Jewish religion. His biggest sorrow came when his beloved disciples, who had followed him, some even for three years, couldn't believed when they had to believe, and couldn't die when they had to die. You must know this correctly. Then what do you have to do to be called a true family member of heaven?

First, each of your individual hearts should harmonize and move together. Through that, you should know to fight for one purpose (will), and for that will, you must know to determine to die to accomplish that will of God. You must be a person who can relieve the sorrow of Jesus which was caused by his passing away without accomplishing heaven's will two thousand years ago. You can be called a true family member when you accomplish all these things. Then, what should you have as you go your course of faith? You should be a person who has true family members. When you go home you should have true family members in that family; when you go to church, you should have true family members in that church; and when you go out into society you should have true family members in that society.

Also as Jesus testified in place of God, fought against Satan in place of God, and died in place of God, 1) you should testify for Jesus, 2) you must fight for Jesus, and 3) you must be willing to die for Jesus. (3-141)

Then up to which level have we come? We have made the Unification Church group. This is as same as establishing the Jewish religion again. Also the group of people in the Unification Church is the same as reestablishing the lost tribe and the lost brothers. In that way we, who are in the Unification Church, are brothers. Without the relationship of brotherhood, the tribe cannot be formed. Also without connecting to the brotherhood relationship, the church and the people cannot be formed. Neither can a nation. Therefore we have the mission to connect centering on the relationship of brotherhood. It is in that sense that the phrase "family member" is used. Since through the family members, the brotherhood relationship is formed, this phrase "family member" can be the foundation for establishing the kingdom of heaven.

You should know that this is why the Unification Church members use the phrase "family member." So between the Unification Church members we have to give and receive the love that Jesus couldn't give and receive. When an elderly person looks at a young person, he should love that young person like Jesus, in place of Jesus' father and mother who didn't love him. By loving that young person from that position, you restore the position of that elderly person which is the same position as the Jewish religion which didn't love Jesus, and the Israelite people who didn't love Jesus. You have to restore the situation of Jesus' elder brother not being able to love Jesus if you are in the position of elder brother or younger brother as family members. It was God's sorrow and Jesus' sorrow that Jesus couldn't share love with his elder brother.

So a person whose age is in the position of elder brother must care for and love the younger person thinking of him as Jesus. Through that, finally God's sorrow that He couldn't love and Jesus' sorrow that he couldn't love his elder brother will be relieved. God's hope was to have the Israelite nation, the Jewish religion, and Joseph's family, which were prepared by Him, to have them love Jesus. Also Jesus' hope was to love them after being loved. In this way, God's hope was to have them love, and Jesus' hope was to love.

But since God's hope to have them love and Jesus' hope to love were broken apart by the cross, God has sorrow, and Jesus has sorrow. So we have to reproduce this and re-indemnify it. So when an elderly person in our Unification Church faces a person younger than himself, he should love that younger person as though he were Jesus' elder brother loving Jesus. And someone who is in the position of younger brother should love an older brother as though he were loving Jesus, since Jesus' younger brother didn't love Jesus as a elder brother. Since Jesus' grandmother didn't love Jesus, people who are in the position of Jesus' grandmother should love people in the Unification Church who are in the position of grandsons as though they were loving Jesus. Also people whose ages are that of a grandson should love the grandmothers (elderly women) to relieve Jesus' sorrow that he couldn't love his grandmother. Like this, every single one of our family members should set up a relationship centering on Jesus, from the children, to the youths, to the adults, and the elderly.

The believers of the Unification Church are the people who were gathered inside one fence to solve the sorrow caused by the Israelite people, the Jewish religion, and the lineage of Joseph, who were supposed to love Jesus, but did not. You have to love Jesus, but since Jesus is not here, you should love a younger person like Jesus. Also, since not being able to love an elderly person was Jesus' sorrow, young people should love the elderly people as if they were in the position of Jesus.

Through that, God's sorrow and Jesus' sorrow will be relieved. When by connecting in this way, we form a new nation, a new church, a new lineage, and a new family, finally God will be able to greet them with happiness, and Jesus can greet them with happiness. You should know that from that a new gate of heaven will open. (37-171)

4) Attitude an Original Family Member Should Have

Today, people of the Unification Church are going a difficult way. We are using the phrase "family member" for the first time in the history. We are using the phrase "brothers and sisters." Oh this holy phrase! This phrase must not disappear even though heaven and the earth disappear. Even though history is swept away by the judgment or this era is swept away by the judgment, this phrase and this reality should live forever. Even after clearing away evil, this family member of hope, this family of hope, and this brotherhood of hope must remain. To do that, for this family member of hope to live, we have to go beyond the historical way of the cross. So we, of course, have our own crosses, and we still have the crosses of the family, the tribe, the nation, and the world. (156-67)

Where did the expressions "we" and "family member" in the Unification Church start from? They started from the tradition of the cross, and the place where blood and tears were shed. Therefore it's a relationship that you can't lose no matter what you would be given for it, and you can't exchange no matter what you would be given for it. If your parents oppose this relationship, then you have to go this way even if you have to break your relationship with your parents; if your people oppose it, then you have to go this way even if you have to break your relationship with your people; if your nation opposes it, then you have to go this way even if you have to break your relationship with your nation; if heaven and the earth oppose it then you have to go this way even if you have to break your relationship with heaven and the earth.

You have to die holding on to this way, and you have to live holding on to this way. You must know that the sorrow is a the world sorrow, so when you seek to relieve the world sorrow you must stick to the way with tears and this is the way that the Unification Church must go and it is the way of the teacher of the Unification Church. (153-64)

The standard of the words "family member" is a high-level standard. If you reach this point, your relationship with your lineage doesn't matter. A lineage, a blood lineage doesn't matter. This place is the place where people who are not in the same blood lineage can have a relationship stronger than that of brothers of the same lineage, and can attend parents who are not their parents in a relationship stronger than that with their parents, and attend a family which is not their family more than their family. (26-19)

Do you walk in and out of the church door as you wish? You can't do that. The "father" that you call out to here is not the father that you should call so easily, and the "family members" are not the something that you should call to so easily. They were built on a foundation where thousands and millions of saints shed sweat and blood. The issue of coming to this holy place is not the matter. In other words, the listening to sermons is not the issue: one's self is the issue. You should critique yourself about whether you still have a tendency to repeat the conventional views of belief and habitual life. (12-10)

Today, we should know all these internal matters; we should determine once more to complete this mission and to establish this will. You must know how important each family member is. If one family member is missing, you are missing an individual that Jesus can love in front of God who has been seeking it through the course of the history of six thousand years, and you are missing the family that Jesus can love, and you are missing the brother that Jesus can love. When you say you love one person, then that one person could be an individual, or could be one person of the family, or could be one person of the brothers. (37-176)

You must realize that you are one family member centering on God. You have to think about how precious the phrase "family member" is. (22-296)

These sons and daughters who gather here are heroes. We call them church members of the Unification Church. We call them family members of the Unification Church. Please let us not to forget this extraordinary heavenly meaning which is hidden in the name "family member." Please let us know the extraordinary fact that without that family member none of us can have the brotherhood relationship, and if we don't have the brotherhood relationship, then we cannot attend the parents. Heavenly Father, we earnestly pray that you will make us one and let us become soldiers of heaven who can go out and fight adoring your day humbly on our bended knees in front of your will. (153-183)

4. The Value Of A Member Of The Unification Church

1) We Are the Substantial Fruit of History

Today, when we members of the Unification Church pray, we pray "Ah! We are the substantial fruit of the history," right? If you are the fruit of the history of six thousand years, then the essence of your good ancestors and the essence of your bad ancestors would have reached you, right? So the fruit itself would definitely by affected by those things.

Therefore the reason the state of your spirit is not smooth is because you are spiritually the fruit of both those good ancestors and evil ancestors. Therefore, nowadays, this place is fallen, but all the good things and bad things of history are intersecting here. They intersect, but what do we have to do? We have to make the good things into the main fruit and the bad things like the peelings. Do you understand? Nowadays make all the good things into the main fruit and all the bad things like the peelings. (51-252)

You don't know, but behind one person coming to this place, there is a huge historical effort. The public merit of lots of ancestors has been accumulated. In a field where the owner is harvesting in the fall, he automatically sings a song. A melody of praise comes out. But if there is a person who says "It's too hard. I don't want to do it," while he is harvesting, then he is not the owner. The place where the farmer harvests himself is the place where his effort turns out to be glory; it is not the place where one bears fruit with grief and a sigh. Isn't it a place where the suffering and effort float away and humming accompanies the harvesting, the place where a hopeful tomorrow is promised? It is the same for ourselves. (49-63)

Even if you are living as a poor farmer who is holding a weeding hoe and digging up and eating a bellflower root, you have to have the mind that you are fishing the heavens and the earth with that weeding hoe. You must know that all the kinds of grain are the substantial fruits of the culmination of historical and manmade relationships, and you should be able to praise this. You must know that this kind of person, even though he is living in the deep mountains in a thatched house, will become the leader of the country. From this viewpoint, the Unification Church will be rich on the worldwide level. Do you understand? (26-56)

The people of the Unification Church, who have appeared as the substantial fruit of the harvest, if they are confident and become substantial beings who can accomplish what they pledge before heaven, then we must realize that these beings are really precious beings. We should know to praise them. We should admit their rewarding value, and present them and their praiseworthy appearance without shame in front of anyone from the course of history.

In this era, we must have the confidence to go in front of the 3 billion people of humankind, or in front of the people who have particular rights to be citizens of the most developed country of the world. And furthermore, we should be able to stand up and be able to tell our descendants who will be born later to follow our example of this tradition. You must know that the season when you affirm your own determination is the season of harvest and the season of praise.

Looking at it from this viewpoint, when not just us humankind, not just us believers of the Unification Church, but also lots of spirit persons who are in the spirit world say that the people of the Unification Church are really established as the fruit of the historical harvest, then we have to feel that not just the people of this era, but also the spirits who died and shed blood as sacrificial offerings on the alter of religious martyrdom in the course of the history, those beloved spirits are watching and asking us to solve the sorrow of the whole. They will feel our happiness as a bigger happiness then when they achieved the determination of their own day of triumph. We must not forget that there are a lot of good ancestors like that. (48-350)

Today, when you pray, you proudly say loudly, "we are the fruit of the six thousand years of the history of God's providence." That is right. But if it is so, then the light of your combined history must shine. When something which was lost in history meets an element of life which can bring it to a new level of value, no matter where it is, it is a principle of nature that its original color will greet the new world centering on the sprout which could greet the next spring. Special thoughts and caring are not needed there. It naturally happens like that. There is no reason to complain about whether someone is noticing you or not. (59-32)

You have to go through the winter season to bear fruit. This era is the age of harvest and the age of accomplishment. In the winter season the cold north wind blows and everything freezes. In the middle of that ,new life grows silently while it is buried deep in the earth. If something doesn't bear fruit after it, we have to cut it down. Jesus cursed the fig tree which bore no fruit. He showed the viewpoint of the Last Days. In the Last Days you have to cut them and graft them onto a new branch. (10-303)

If you took at yourselves, if someone asks you, "Who are you?" then you'll say, "I'm a historical fruit." You know that. But what kind of historical fruit are you? A historical fruit fulfills the condition to stand in the position of the coming Lord, having him as a standard, not centering on oneself.

To do that, you have to unite absolutely with the internal standard. You must unite with the internal standard as I absolutely united centering on God, however hard a time I was having. When that standard gets rarefied then you have to eliminate everything and you have to sacrifice the rarefying standard once more. Otherwise, however hard you work it wouldn't be effective. (156-242)

We are the substantial fruits of history. What are we? [The substantial fruits of history] And next we are the substantial fruits of the present age, the substantial fruits of the future. It's awesome! Yes, you are the substantial fruits of history. Then if this kind of substantial fruit has been eaten by worms and bugs and has holes through it, would that be good? When you cut open an apple, is an apple whose black seeds roll out and fall on the ground good, or is an apple whose seeds are sticky and cling to the apple good? You want to become an apple whose seeds are well ripened, don't you? [Yes.]

So you know what's good. Well then, if you were cut open would something like a well-ripened seed come out of you? Do you believe that your second generation will absolutely be the fruit of heaven? If your heart is cut open will a well-ripened Unification Church come out? Would it be all right for this substantial fruit of six thousand years to fall without being ripened like a fruit which falls from the tree? Would it do to worry that the wind might blow and say, "Oh no, it looks like I might fall. If the wind blows even a bit more, I'm going to fall. Reverend Moon, don't shake me. Just let me be still." There are some people here like that.

On the other side there are those who say, "Even if Reverend Moon takes an ax and shakes the branches as he pleases, my branches will never fall until they have been cut." Which side are you on? Are you those who worry whether the wind might blow? [No.] Then which group are you in? [The group which will not fall even if you shake us.] The group which won't fall even if you are shaken? [Yes.] You have spoken well. Is it true? [Yes.] Those who are laughing are on the wrong side.

As people who have backbones, as men who have backbones, as the last substantial fruits, the substantial fruits of the Unification Church, as the substantial fruits of Reverend Moon, as the substantial fruits of God's son, please become the brave fellows who are ashamed before no one. (46-155)

Section 1. What A Unification Church Member Is (Part 3)

5. We Aim At The Point Of Awesome Blessings

Today, members of the Unification Church say, "I am a member of the Unification Church, but we are able to know that until the Unification Church appeared, history was a course of suffering. The historical relationships were combined from the beginning of the human race until now. It was not the bad relationships which were combined but the historical relationships of the good people were combined and they were directly inherited. This is why God went through the history of the providence of restoration.

So what happens if you go this way? If you go this way then you meet the coming Lord; if you go this way then you go together with the coming Lord to the heavenly castle; if you go this way then you go together with the coming Lord to the palace of the Kingdom of Heaven; if you go this way then you can be the children of heavenly country. Imagine how much it must have cost goodness and how much historical suffering heaven must have gone through to prepare this way.

In the same way that harvesting is directly proportional to planting, imagine how much it must have cost along the way of suffering, especially along the course of the history of the restoration through indemnity. We must think of this. At this place, individuals are mobilized, families are mobilized, tribes are mobilized, peoples are mobilized, and furthermore the matter of the rise or fall of a country is in the balance, and on top of that the matter of the rise or fall of the world is in the balance. (43-291)

We, the Unification Church members, must know how much our ancestors devoted to leave this will to us. What the principle teaches is true and up to the point of being able to say that, lots of sages devoted themselves and sacrificed their lives to steer history to one destination for this one purpose until now, and to cope with their own eras. They connected everything to this final point and you must know that you are the people who have met with the last intersecting point.

So there can't be any miracle more surprising than this. The content we have is so historical, and so extraordinary. So if a person, who doesn't have the personality to unite with it, follows but worries about it and walks back and forth and around it, then the blessing will not stay as blessing, it will take everything back with itself when the blessing leaves. You must not think about this lightly.

Today, this blessing is not a blessing we can deal with as an individual; it is an extraordinary blessing that has to be dealt with as a nation and as the world. When you think about this you say, "How grateful am I for this blessing." When you bend over to work for this blessing, you must keep in mind that this blessing is connected to you on the foundation that your ancestors made an effort and bent over hundreds and thousands of times, and it's not enough even if you bend over thousands or even ten thousands of times. In loving that will and longing for it, only if you make an effort to add more time, night or day, to shed tears and blood, will your ancestors visit you to give the blessing of the gathered devotion. That blessing is the blessing which has come to us, and we are responsible for it. (43-293)

1) Be Great and Proud

You look like you lack luck because your face is flat and your ears are curved inward, but in the spirit world they know you as people carrying luck. Especially your ancestors who are closer than ten generations from you, are tense with expectations. Because the history of the restoration happens centering on ten generations, if a bad descendant appears, then the ancestors in the range of ten generations judge him with the words, "You scoundrel. You are trying to ruin us."

Therefore if there is a descendent who has good ancestors, then those ancestors actively cooperate. You are standing in such a position. The spirit world will be eternally, eternally happy if you, who is in such a position, fight with excitement and style and win all the time wherever you go. Evil spirits will fall back with surprise even before they show up. It works out like that. So these ancestors will attend you as though attending a king. You should feel this feeling. (14-21)

We are proud to have become one true child centered on True Parents. We are proud to have become a Unification Church member. To become Unification Church members. Are you like that? You have to brag about being a Unification Church member from now. (116-218)

We are stylish people. We are stylish people who are walking on the road of a proud life which the world envies, heaven and earth envy, and all the saints and sages in the spirit world envy. We are people whom heaven can't throw away, who have the background and the content which heaven will not just praise us but will also come and tell us that they love us. (171-29)

You are the people with a high dream. You must know that you are the people who are going forward to find the dream. So you should go forward to find the dream right now, today, this year, next year, and in the future. What a wonderful dream this is. Nothing opposes this dream in the world nor in history, and there is nothing which does not welcome this dream. We must be proud of the Unification Church members as people who realize that kind of dream, and are standard bearers with flags. (116-28)

So, where are you going to go? You should go straight. You should go the right direction. You should go not as insignificant people, but proudly, proudly with marching steps. Post "The Unification Church" on your forehead saying, "I like Unification Church members better than self-centered people." How appealing is this? How appealing this is. There is no such a thing as this in the world. How appealing this is! When the Unification Church comes and God asks, "Mr. so and so! Did you do the activities of the Unification Church proudly or in a shameful way?" Then you have to answer in front of God. I walked around naturally even with smelly clothes on. Once before, my shoes were completely worn out. I was proud as I wore them and walked around. I went proudly even when I went fishing, or wherever I go. I receive contemptuous treatment that no one knows about, but numberless people will follow behind me. It's for sure. They will follow even if I tell them not to. Do you understand? [Yes] How great? (177-227)

2) Blessed Place

When you know the Will, it's infinitely high; when you know the will, you'll be in the Royal Family lineage as children of heaven; then in what direction should you go? The time that you can live in the place where you can receive the blessing has almost arrived, but if you can't handle the blessing, then it will all be taken away from you and you will become a beggar. We should be at the point where we can receive the blessing and not be at the point where we can have our blessing taken away. We have to get into that range. I know that heaven can set up the foundation from the part which it trusts. You don't get blessed right away after you join the Unification Church.

There was a time when I also suffered having to ask others for food, and I was coldly turned away at the door. You knew the way Reverend Moon was going is true. And you knew also that heaven is true, not false. Then you have to attend heaven truly. If you go to a hungry place, then starve like a hungry person; if you go to a place of death, then you should be more sorrowful and more eager than the patriots in the past. If you don't become a main character with that kind of heart, you cannot relate to the heavenly fortune. (13-203)

Then comparing today's Unification Church people with Noah of the past, with Abraham, and John the Baptist, who is more blessed? Who is more blessed? You are more blessed. The time to be blessed has arrived. Look.

John the Baptist who was raised richly, ate locusts and honey. But did locusts come and jump into John the Baptist's mouth while he just sat still? So he had to run around the fields to catch them. Think about it. Does that look respectable? When his mother, father, and relatives looked at him, wouldn't they have been at a loss for words? Think about it, how much they would have been at a loss for words. How much did he look in the crevices of rocks to get wild honey? Doesn't it sound great? Actually, if you look at what he was doing, he was crazy. (57-305)

You are more blessed than God or Jesus or Reverend Moon. Because what I did in my whole life, you can do in 6 months. If you don't oppose, and say "We, all the people in the Unification Church, like being Moonies," then it doesn't even take half a year. It doesn't even take half a year if you don't oppose and like the Unification Church. (102-194)

Now the fact that you became a Unification Church member. . If Reverend Moon's words are absolutely correct, should you think it is an honor to become a Unification Church member. or is it a hopeless thing? [It is an honor] (80-337)

3) Place of Joy

OK, why is the Unification Church happy? We are happy because we are religious people. The Unification Church members are happy because we are the religious people who centered on God set love as the model. You might hear the words, "You are happy because you are religious people," for the first time.

Things like philosophy and science cannot pursue eternal and true love centering on God. However, you can't be happy without God who pursues true love, so a person who trusts true love becomes a greater person. You can find God and God's love here. If you can conclude that you can find God and God's love here, then you can make a great revolution and a great new transition period which never existed in the history. Why? The happier you make the world the greater culture you can establish. Can you understand? [Yes]

In that sense we, the Unification Church people, are happy. Are we truly happy people? [Yes!] Why is that? Why? Why? [Love] Because we know God as the subject of my love. . . No matter how great I am God is still the subject; anyhow I look at it, He must be the subject? Only He can be the subject no matter how great I am. Do you feel good or bad? [Good] How is that possible? How can you say in front of God, who created the heavens and the earth, that only He can be my subject . If you bring a bullet saying that you are a true person and hit the target, than it is totally possible. The essence of love is the unified world; it is becoming one. (93-149)

We Korean people, now also the Unification Church members will be like that. All the Unification Church members, are you all happy? Are you happy or unhappy? [We are happy] Unhappy or happy? [Happy]

It's a big problem. What kind of happiness is that happiness? There are millions of kinds of happiness. Elementary school kids, A, B, C, D. . . When there is a question in the test saying "Fill in the blank, if after writing down "A," then they change it to "B" and get a hundred points, aren't they happy? That is happiness. Isn't it? Someone who is hungry, someone who is hungry will be happy with one bowl of rice. But, what happiness is that happiness? It's not the happiness of each day. It's not the happiness of a month. It's not the happiness of a life.

Then what kind of happiness must you look for? Eternal happiness, eternal happiness. That eternal happiness should not only be good to hear for the ears. Because it's like a song, it's eternally good only for the ears! It must not be like that. It should also be good for eyes, also good for nose, and then also good for mouth, also good to the touch, and also good to the feeling. That kind of happiness. . . That happiness is not for a moment but for eternity. (162-178)

Worldly people brag about the person they like and hate the person they don't like, but let's not do that. We are four-sided, not one-sided. Why are the Unification Church people happy? In this sense, by saying that we will resemble the ideal of the love of God, we are happier than anyone else. Then let's see if that's true. Everyone, is God a true father? [Yes] Are you truly God's son? What kind of position is that position?

In what standard do you want that position? We are wanting better than Adam and Eve's position before the fall. Understand? We are saying let's be a father and a son in a better position than before Adam and Eve had fallen. Are we like that? Are we like that really? [Yes] Really like that? [Yes!]

We are hoping for a standard that no one ever thought of in the history of religion, so when that comes true, how happy would we be? Therefore we are happy. The place where that happens is the place where Satan's false charges disappear. It's the place where there is no relationship with Satan at all. If you set up a relationship with God in such a place, then who could possibly separate that son and daughter? In that sense, the Unification Church people are happy people. We have to know this is true. Since these are the people who say they will possess the deep world of God's love which human history never thought of and never experienced, the conclusion that they cannot be unhappy is inevitable. (93-163)

Today, the Unification Church members feel happy after they join the Church. Like "Wow! I'm happy!" But this is not guaranteed at the point when you have just joined. You must digest this from the beginning to the end in the realm of dominion to be guaranteed that happiness. You can't have conclusive happiness without being such a subject. The conclusion can be made that happiness is guaranteed on the foundation of triumph. (76- 210)

So, therefore we can't avoid thinking about the problem "Where is happiness?" here. See, we come to know that happiness doesn't exist where words exist, happiness doesn't exist at the place where you accomplish something, but we find that happiness is related with oneself only after the final victory. Living is not happiness. (76-210)

4) The Value of the Family Member

God is an eternal being. Therefore He moves to make the laws which He established eternally. In this same way, if the Unification Church, starts something, then we have to push through and go eternally even through any kind of suffering, and with the determination to die we must make an effort until the purpose is completed. That is the rewarding value of being a family member of the Unification Church. Are you that way or not? That way or not? Yes or no? [Yes] Then will you do that or not? [We will.] (85-329)

Then let me ask one thing. After joining Unification Church is there anyone who thought something like "Oh, no, I shouldn't have joined the Unification Church. I'd like to live once more in the world?" Raise your hand. Isn't there anyone like that? Isn't there? [No there isn't.] Do you understand? When you joined the Unification Church, did you join after fighting and giving up your life and everything with triumph? There is no boundary line. What is your situation? [We joined after triumph] Look. Someone who is just sitting here without any boundary, someone who is in here but doesn't even know that he is in the Unification Church, that is the same as not knowing the Unification Church. Such a person can go out any time.

I came here by fighting for 30 years. How difficult it was. How many times I was insulted; how many times I was hit; how much I was ridiculed, and how patient I was along this difficult road. However hard it is, even if you die, you have to try to go this way; otherwise you can't go this way. Even if I die, however difficult it is, I don't think about going out to the world. Since I fought so hard, this is the place I have fought so hard to establish, so I don't think of the world even if I have to die. I will die here. But you are not that way. You aren't that way, right? Huh? You aren't that way, right? [Yes] Why aren't you that way? If you did win after fighting with all your effort putting your life on the line, you say "I'll just go out."

The being who knows the value of the Unification Church the best is God. And next? [Reverend Moon] It's Reverend Moon. The person who knows second the best is Reverend Moon. Then, if there are a thousand people here then there are a thousand ranks. Do you understand? [Yes] You can't feel value beyond what you have felt or what you have experienced. Do you understand what I'm taking about? [Yes] I'm not sure about the people who left and rejoined, but you won't feel resentment or sorrow at all even if you leave. You only know that much of the value of the Unification Church. That's the member of the Unification Church. (93-275)

You must know clearly from now on. You must know this clearly. You don't know how important the present is. We are the heavenly army, the army of the human race. The army of goodness. Understand? [Yes!] Do you know how much Father thought about this for 40 years? I also fought a lot with time. God knows. How miserable Reverend Moon was. No one else knows besides Him. You have to know this clearly. You are at a historical, important point. You don't know how valuable is to be active in this time period with father. (135-185)

6. The Case When One Leaves After Believing In The Unification Church

1) When One Rests it is Because he Doesn't Understand Yet

Now we are not in a situation to just discuss something. We are not the people who came to just go out for a walk. You are people who came to risk your lives. Everyone, aren't you? Would you die on the side of Jesus, or would you die on the side of your husband, or your children? Married ladies here, on which side would you die? [On the side of Jesus] You too? Would you die on the side of elder brother Jesus? Would you? Some will say, "Oh, no, I can't die unless I have married." Women, what do you mean getting married? Men, what do you mean getting married? Forget about it. Unless it becomes a foundation where God can be happy, it will all be ruined.

The reason I spent my whole life going the way of suffering and being persecuted was because I knew that. "Go ahead wind, blow. I can't be broken, rather that wind shall be broken. Blow very hard, harsh wind. I don't want to turn back. I'll go straight." I went through the harsh wind and waves but still my energy and surplus power are strong. There are people who have gone this way and become exhausted and left, but I went on without feeling sympathy for those falling away even though I looked straight at them falling away with my eyes. While doing that I have come forward this far.

From now on, there also will be a lot of people who will fall away. The issue is for whom you are moving. Someone who believes the Unification Church for oneself will fall away. With the mind "I will live for the world, and I will live for the nation. I can't live before that nation lives, and I can't live without having a nation in the world which has accomplished the Will." You should be a person who can say, "I will hurry forward for the will of the nation and the world even if I have to die." (50-75)

Reverend Moon is a tough guy. A tough guy. You would have all backed off. Looking at the people who joined and left. . . When they look at me, they say "Ah, great guy." At the market, the one who finishes the latest and checks the place and checks who cleaned up best, he becomes the owner of the market. Doesn't he? He becomes the owner of the market. It's the same. In the world of righteousness, if you joined the Unification Church, and if you want to be a better person than the Unification Church members, then you have to take care of everything after Reverend Moon dies and the Unification Church passes away and perform a funeral service for them; then you should say I'll go the way. That kind of person can receive more blessing than the Unification Church members. A person must be that way. (82-25)

A person who has left the Unification Church knows only one third of the Unification Church. Do you understand? People who were in the Church but who left thinking of "Ooh, I'm tired. I'll just go to graduate school. I'd rather seek success. What's all this about God? It seems He exists, but also it seems He doesn't, what do I know? You know only when you reach the end." They left without even knowing one third of the Unification Church.

The reason they know only one third of it is because they don't know about Reverend Moon. Do they? So they even know less about God. They only know what was taught centering on Jesus. The principle is only taught centering on Jesus. The standard of the principle teaches up to completing Jesus' will. Understand? It taught completing Jesus' will but not about completing the Unification Church's Reverend Moon's will. Were you taught that or not? [No.] So they don't know it.

Since they don't know that, they don't know about completing God's will either. Therefore, people who left the Unification Church with disappointment are the people who left not even knowing one third of the Unification Church. In the sense of percentage, they didn't even reach thirty-three percent. Understand? For example, someone who wants to graduate from university must go through the first, second, third, and fourth years. But if he left the university after finishing only half of the first year, is he related to that university or not? He is not related. (37-41)

If there are lots of students in the university who don't study enough to pass, it doesn't mean that prestigious school is bad. The more students who fail, the better the school is. I don't think the Unification Church is bad because there are a lot of people who leave the Unification Church. You must know that. Understand? [Yes] Do you want to leave now? [No] Will you pass? [Yes] A lot of people left. A lot of people chose the way of failure. It wasn't to make them fail that I gave them a lot of difficulties. (111-33)

2) They Come Back After They Leave

If you taste the Unification Church once you can't leave. I'm saying, you can't leave after tasting the Unification Church once. A man would rather leave a woman, but not the Unification Church. It has that strange power. Do you agree? [Yes] (73-170)

So someone who joined the Unification Church and tasted the Unification Church and who has a truly effective conscience, that person will come back even if he leaves. He joins again. It's inevitable for him to rejoin. He can't stay apart because he knows he'll be miserable. (131-222)

That is the reason why the people who left the Unification Church have such a hard time. They wish all these things could be washed off. If they joined for the will, then when they leave they have to wash it off. But when they leave without washing it off, it catches them so they are always uncomfortable. (51-251)

People who joined the Unification Church can't live outside of it. When I went to Korea this time I heard the news that one person who left the Unification Church was crying, "Oh, no, my heart wants to go there to see him but I can't," after hearing the news that I was coming. Do you understand what that means? [Yes] The atmosphere of the Unification Church is good. Is it good? [Yes] (102-23)

A person who leaves the Unification Church cannot go to other churches. When they have a religion again, then they have to come back to the Unification Church. That's because it is rewarding to follow the way of the Unification Church, so there is no other place to go. If there were a way for us to go by a different path, then I would be the first one to go there. (35-110)

3) Example of the Family Members Who Left

If we watch carefully, what kind of people are the people who leave the Unification Church after joining? They are the people who say, "Ooh, the Will is good but when will it be achieved!" They are phantoms, phantoms. (158-297)

I heard a grim report from a person who had left the Unification Church. He asked me if he could rejoin because there is no other way, and it's inevitable to go this way, and that's why he came back. Centering on the Will, there is a content here which can't be answered. He went outside to the world and tried all sorts of things, but he said that he came back because there was no other place to go.

It is good that he at least came back now, but there will be suffering on the way. There will be even harder difficulties on the way, and I wonder how he will go over them. Ask yourself and think about whether you can handle the responsibility of it. If you can handle the responsibility of it then I have the tolerance to forgive you even ten times. But if I forgive you when you can't handle the responsibility then it gives you double the guilt. So I stayed still with no response. Do you under, stand? When you leave, you walk out standing straight up, but you can't do that when you rejoin. (33-8)

There was a interview with ex-Unification Church member recently on the radio. He said, "We ex-Unification Church members also support Reverend Moon. We hope he acknowledges it." Then, why did they leave? Ex-members are the people who all left a long time ago without admitting that they were wrong, and they said that the Unification Church was wrong. But now they are saying that they were wrong to leave. I heard that kind of thing for the first time. (118-152)

People who left the Unification Church after believing it still. . . One time I met such a person in the street. I am at peace. I don't think of him as having left. I am going this way with an attitude to accept him back anytime he comes back. But he turned around, and when I went beside him, his throat was choked up and he was crying saying, "Reverend Moon, I became like this," with tears pouring down.

Why did he do that? According to the action of the power of the universe, a betrayer of love can't take his proper position. A great power is moving there. Therefore there are no persons who oppose Reverend Moon among those who left the Unification Church. I don't like the president of the Church; I am leaving because I hate this person; "I don't want to see that guy. . ." They are that way. They are the people who had left their families after hearing the Principle, people who had had to jump over the wall because their fathers and mothers opposed it. (171-248)

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